Classic Hardcore Mak’gora Duel to the Death Scam


Attention all Classic Hardcore players! Beware of the dangers that await you in the world of Mak’gora duels. Not only do you have to face the perils of battle, but now there’s a new threat lurking in the shadows – scammers! Yes, you heard it right. Even in the midst of a life-or-death duel, you can fall victim to deceit and trickery. So, how does this scam work, you ask?

Well, it all comes down to one crucial detail – punctuation marks. In a shocking case of mistaken identity, a level 26 player found themselves facing off against what they thought was a level 1 opponent. Little did they know, it was actually a level 35 player with the same name! Talk about a twist of fate. But here’s where it gets interesting – the scammer, desperate to secure victory, resorted to desperate measures. They took to the rooftops, casting spells through the inn, all in a futile attempt to claim victory. And yet, even with all their cheating, they couldn’t emerge triumphant!

Now, that’s what I call a truly dramatic turn of events. But let’s not forget to give credit where credit is due. A round of applause for the Paladin (whose name I can’t quite make out, but it seems to be Berm or something similar) for their exceptional gameplay. They fought valiantly, almost defeating the Priest, and managed to escape unscathed in the end!