Here Are The Top 25 Franchises Of 2023 Across Games, TV, And Movies – Fandom Survey

A recent survey conducted by Fandom, the parent company of GameSpot, has unveiled valuable insights into various aspects of media and entertainment. Among the significant findings is a compilation of the top 25 franchises in media for the year 2023, based on fan perception. The list comprises well-known names such as Star Wars, Disney, DC, Zelda, and more.

This year’s survey utilizes Fandom’s Franchise Factor Score, which incorporates data from Fandom’s network of 350 million monthly unique users, as well as a global study called Inside Fandom.

According to Fandom CEO Perkins Miller, “Franchises accounted for 95% of the most successful blockbusters and games in 2023.” The chart below demonstrates that Star Wars claims the top spot as the overall number one franchise, as determined by Fandom’s measurements. Marvel, One Piece, Elder Scrolls, and Harry Potter complete the top five. Other notable franchises include Barbie, Yellowstone, The Last of Us, Fallout, Disney, DC, Star Trek, Pokemon, The Witcher, and The Walking Dead.

The Top 25 Franchise of 2023, so far

The survey also reveals that 64% of gamers and 69% of general entertainment fans prefer consuming content from established series rather than exploring something new. Additionally, 57% of fans enjoy prequels and sequels, while 53% appreciate spin-offs. Surprisingly, only 36% of respondents express interest in remakes and remasters for video games, despite their recent prevalence.

Another trend highlighted in the survey is the growing popularity of cross-media adaptations. The results indicate that 72% of respondents are more inclined to show interest in a cross-media adaptation of a familiar property rather than a completely new intellectual property. The Last of Us series by HBO and The Super Mario Bros. Movie by Universal have proven to be immensely popular, aligning with the survey findings.

Regarding preferences for cross-media adaptations, 40% of respondents desire a “strong connection” to the source material, while 34% prefer involvement from the original creators. Notably, Neil Druckmann, the writer and director of The Last of Us games, is actively involved in the show’s production. In the case of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Shigeru Miyamoto served as an executive producer, and Chris Meledandri from Universal was invited to join Nintendo’s board of directors as an outside director to assist in the company’s endeavors in the film industry.

Fandom refers to the Franchise Factor as a comprehensive assessment that encompasses five criteria to determine the overall strength of a franchise. These criteria include Worldbuilding, High Ratings, Fierce Fanbase, Cultural Relevance, and Consistency.

  • Worldbuilding: Creating a fictional universe with captivating characters, settings, and lore to establish deep connections with audiences
  • High Ratings: Ratings from both critics and fans significantly impact capturing audience attention
  • Fierce Fanbase: Nurturing a community that passionately supports a franchise
  • Cultural Relevance: The ability of a franchise to embody the spirit of the times and resonate with a broader audience, leaving a lasting impact on popular culture
  • Consistency: A franchise that remains prominent and sustains interest over time by consistently delivering high-quality, fresh, or enhanced content for fans to enjoy

The survey methodology involved collecting responses from 5,000 gaming and entertainment enthusiasts in the United States and the United Kingdom. For more detailed survey results, please refer to the complete report.