Amirdrassil Raid Skip in Patch 10.2


All the information we have regarding the Amirdrassil raid shortcut in Patch 10.2.

Fragment of Emberscar Emberscar Fragment is a drop from Smolderon, the third to last boss of the Amirdrassil raid in Patch 10.2. As is customary with Dragonflight raid shortcuts, you need to gather 3 pieces of quest items from raids in order to unlock the shortcut. This requires players to defeat a specific raid boss 3 times on the same difficulty, as there are multiple variations of the quest items depending on the chosen difficulty.

We have observed this with Shard of the Greatstaff Greatstaff Shard and Neltharion’s Tome of the Earth-Warder Earth-Warder’s Tome. Patch 10.2 appears to be slightly different because the raid shortcut quest items always dropped from the second-to-last raid bosses, which doesn’t seem to be the case for Amirdrassil, the nine-boss raid featured in Guardians of the Dream.

Based on the current data mining, you must defeat Gnarloot (the raid’s initial boss) in order to utilize the raid shortcut and reach Tindral Sageswift and Fyrakk.