Is Patch 10.2 the Final Major Patch of Dragonflight? (Speculation)


Patch 10.2 adds an Ahead of the Curve mount from Fyrakk. Could Guardians of the Dream be the final major content update of Dragonflight?

Everything here is based on pure speculation, but it could very well be that Patch 10.2 is the final raid/major content update for Dragonflight.

We’re getting an Ahead of the Curve mount from Fyrakk in Patch 10.2, as revealed in our Patch 10.2 interview. The flavor is a Full Transformation of a Shadowflame version of Fyrakk. While we do not have a preview available at this time, Blizzard usually adds Ahead of the Curve mounts in the last raid tier of an expansion.


If, in fact, 10.2 is the last major content update, we will probably have to wait a year for a new expansion to go live. There would certainly be 10.2.5 and 10.2.7 patches, along with a Season 4 to keep us busy in the meantime, similar to Shadowlands Season 4 with its raid rotations and new challenges.

It will also mean we don’t get to confront the big bad, Iridikron, in Dragonflight itself, and he will continue to be the focus of the story in the following expansion as well! Considering how well set up Iridikron is in terms of not underestimating the players’ power it’s not completely impossible that he becomes a longer-running villain, and it may even be an interesting change of pace to the usual expansion end.


So, what do you think? Will 10.2 be the last major patch of Dragonflight?